Boosted Sales
Benefit from our best practices to increase sales on your products.
Brand Discovery
Millions of native impressions a month on a very targeted audience.
Personalized & Scalable
Multiple places can be activated for your campaign without any installation costs.
Data Driven
Realtime data impact for every product online.
How to use SPOTLIT

Attract New Clients

SPOTLIT can achieve 1000s of samples of your products/week.

Test Your Products

Use our live rating system to test new products

Benefit On-Trade Customers

Pick your key customers to improve relationships and drive sales

360° Campaign

Use SPOTLIT in-line with other marketing activations


"SPOTLIT is the most effective way to help you test your products in outstanding places."

Raphael Lejeune

Chief Executive Officer

"SPOTLIT makes it easy for you to try products according to your target audience."

Thomas Domingue

Chief Technical Officer

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